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Friday, May 18, 2012

FLT Hiking - Bainbridge to Masonville

On our fourth day out we walked 9.6 miles, and early in the day we climbed 280 feet to the top of a hill in a power line cut and were rewarded with this great view of the Susquehanna River Valley. It was extra awesome, because most of the way down the hill we had the same view, but could see it at slightly different angles.

Susquehanna River valley

On our first day of hiking, we had encountered this: frog eggs

frog eggs

This day, we got an instant lesson in the differences between those and toad eggs

toad eggs

Quite a bit of this day's hiking was on roads. They were back roads, so none of it was unpleasant. The weather was warm and we finished quite early in the day, so we treated ourselves to ice cream, and bought dinner to go. We got a "Hopped-up Dagwood" at Hoppie's. It was like a Reuben on top of a grilled chicken with pesto. We took it back to the campsite, so we could play Quiddler, and split the sandwich when we got hungry.

playing Quiddler

You have to understand; we are like two obsessed people about this game. We don't seem to ever tire of playing it!

Now to the present again. Today we cleaned the camping gear and put Marie's away, and mine back in my car. Then we weeded Marie's garden. She had set up a venue for me to give my North Country Trail Program to some of her friends in the evening. She arranged for the program to be signed, since one of her hiking friends is deaf. I was really fascinated by that, since it's the first time one of my presentations has been signed. I was afraid I'd get distracted watching the signer, but once I got into the program I just went on with the flow. In the picture you can see the lady in the green shirt with her hands up- she is signing for the lady in the black dress. (Not everyone who came is in the picture.)

people in a meeting

See Quiddler- the perfect game for word freaks
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rainfield61 said...

Those frog eggs are awesome, and are new to me.

Ann said...

very interesting eggs there. So that third picture down is actually toad eggs? Very strange looking.

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- you must have frogs there...

Ann- yes, the ropes are toad eggs.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

You're in my od stomping grounds! I lived on Mt Pleasant Rd in Bainbridge, years ago. We often hiked to Afton or down town in Bainbridge. What beautiful country. I et my Savior here. :)

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Met, not et. Lol

RNSANE said...

How wonderful that someone was able to sign for the deaf lady...I am sure she appreciate it as well. I wish I could hear you speak one of these days.

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