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Sunday, May 6, 2012


I should be at my friend, Elaine's place tonight.

For a little big of color, I bring you gaywings. Don't they look like a little orchid?


Sorry, it isn't an orchid. It's a milkwort. It's other common name is fringed milkwort. Doesn't sing quite like "gaywings" does it? The scientific name is Polyagala paucifolia. Here they are in bud.


If you run across a patch of these little beauties in the woods, you won't forget. They light up the forest floor.

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vanilla said...

Very pretty little flowers. I really like the color.

There is a question for you today on String Too Short to Tie.

rainfield61 said...

Such a might power of little flowers to light up the floor.

Secondary Roads said...

They are beautiful and not easily forgotten,

Ann said...

they are pretty little things.

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