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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Little Cutie in the Grass

Yes, I know it will soon be eating my plants, but the whitetail deer is very cute at this stage. Fortunately, Maggie never saw it, so I managed to catch her collar to prevent any chasing episodes.

newborn fawn

I think this one is a day or so old, but it is only about 18 inches tall. The closeup is a separate picture, not just a blow-up of the first one. I point that out only because the fawn hasn't moved an inch or twitched an ear or anything. When Maggie got within about ten feet it finally moved, raising its tail and bounding away on unsteady legs.

newborn fawn

The does teach them to hold very still, and only move if forced to. The spots really camouflage them well. I was only about ten feet away when I finally saw it. And the newborns have no scent, so they don't attract predators.

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Lin said...

Oh WOW! I can't believe how close you got!! He/she is just beautiful. I like your adventures, Sharkey. :)

Julia said...

Goodness she is precious. :)

Amanda Heitler said...

Beautiful pictures. How lucky to be able to get so close. Isn't the camoflague wonderful? You wouldn't expect spots to help so much.

Chuck said...

A lovely little one. Now if we could just train them to keep off the roads.

nutschell said...

wow! amazing that you got so close. what beautiful creatures they are:)

Lynn Proctor said...

awwww i love deer--gorgeous pics!

Elizabeth said...

Your post title reminder me of Emily Dickinson's poem, A Narrow Fellow in the Grass.
Great pics.

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jeanlivingsimple said...

Joan, It is amazing that you got so close. I love seeing the fawn in the grass.
BTW...I changed my template back. I miss your comments.

Ann said...

aw, it's so cute. I had no idea that they had no scent when they were that young. Very interesting

Ratty said...

Wonderful sighting! I've been seeing plenty of deer too, but always without my camera.

Sharkbytes said...

Lin- I thought it was a log, but then I thought "there's no log there!"

Julia- at that age, yes.

Amanda- in the shade like that she was well hidden

Chuck- off the roads and out of the gardens

nutschell- thanks for stopping! They are delicate at that age

Lynn- I'd like some posing without the grass, but they know they are supposed to hide.

Elizabeth- I had one of the narrow fellows a few days ago!

Magento- we have so many, I stumble on them nearly every year

Jean- I'm so far behind on visiting my friends, and this week is packed. I hope to get back to reading next week

Ann- one more way they are protected

Ratty- I'm trying hard to always take the camera with me.

vanilla said...

Excellent pictures; and holding Maggie's collar, too! I came upon one a few years ago. Amazing how they remain so still so long, then bolt at the last possible second.

Gardeners Land said...

oh, what a cute bambie! i like how she can of hide in the grass too

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