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Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Heart is Crushed

Just a quickie laugh. Do you think I'll ever get caught up enough to read blogs?

heart shaped dent

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Ratty said...

Nice one. It's good to know it isn't something as bad as I thought when I saw the title.

Chuck said...

Only you know the answer to your question. Nevertheless, I am convinced that once you've found your answer that it will be the right one. Have a great week. :)

Lin said...

It's good that you had your camera with you in the car to capture that. I love the stuff I see while I'm driving, but I can never get the shot--even with the cell phone camera. Ugh.

There are days when all that I can do is pop in on a few blogs. You do what you can, right? Hope you get all your work done so you can relax a bit.

Margot said...

Well I'm sure the person who's car that was probably did not feel all warm and fuzzy about that heart.

I would look at is as a reminder that God loves me even when I make a mess of things.

I had a heart that I found recently and posted about. Here's the linkhttp://devotionals-margot.blogspot.com/2012/05/little-reminders-of-his-love.html

I do enjoy your posts.
Blessings, Margot

vanilla said...

Oh, my.

Ann said...

LOL, if your heart wasn't on someone's back end then it wouldn't have gotten crushed. Oh that was bad but I couldn't help myself

john bain said...

Just do the best you can. You can mend a broken heart, but a crushed one...

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- Sorry- I didn't mean to scare anyone.

Chuck- Thanks, buddy! I have to do the stuff that makes me cash first.

Lin- It's the price I pay for the wonderful time with Marie. I can't complain too loudly

Hi Margot- I know what you mean. I doubt they read this blog... but still.

vanilla- I'll stoop to blogging about dented cars

Ann- you are forgiven. It's pretty funny!

John- Quite an anomaly. If it gets mended it won't be a heart anymore!

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