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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Butterflies Everywhere!

I don't recall a spring with so many butterflies. The Red Admirals are just everywhere. I cringe at the number of them being killed by cars, but it's impossible to avoid them.

However, they are not the only butterflies around. Here are a couple of others. First is the Question Mark, Polygonia interrogationis. It's pretty interesting, but I only have a picture of its upper side. It's a member of the Family called "Commas," because they have a curved mark on their drab underside. But this one goes one step farther with a curved mark and a dot, thus a question mark. Hopefully, some day I'll be able to get a picture of that.

question mark butterfly

The other butterfly I'll show you is the Mourning Cloak, Nymphalis antiopa. It's very common, and usually one of the first butterflies to be seen in the spring. This year, the Red Admirals are so numerous, it's hard to notice anything else.

mourning cloak butterfly

Tonight, Marie and I should be just getting to her house after hiking, but if I'm too tired to post, I'll just let this come up!

See R is for Red Admiral
Today Brown Tomorrow Green for another Mourning Cloak
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WillOaks Studio said...

Yes! Tons of butterflies and lots of variety down here in Illinois, too. It's heavenly!!

Ann said...

I've been seeing more butterflies around here than I have in years

rainfield61 said...

The butterflies are everywhere.

Then caterpillars must be everywhere too.

vanilla said...

So you were tired. We enjoyed the pix.

M-C. Houle said...

Wow, that remind me I should go outside more often. I miss nature...

RNSANE said...

I guess I just haven't been out an about enough to see any butterflies. I love them, though. We have so many Monarchs in CA at certain times of the year.

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