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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Images of the Day

I don't think there's a theme in these pictures. Maybe it's the sky, but then the tree picture doesn't fit, and I like that one, so I'm not leaving it out. But I have to say it was very nice to see some blue sky. Still a chilly 12 degrees, but that's a lot warmer than zero!

Here's a nice vista looking north to an unnamed ridge in Mecosta County. If they keep sending me farther and farther away I might as well go visit Chuck and Sylvia. I was closer to their house than to my own!

hilly view

I just liked this one because of the way the snowy field blends into the sky. I looks as if you could just walk right on to that low cloud and keep going.

winter sky

This is my favorite of the day. I call it white trees- white lake. It is a clump of white birch trunks against a frozen lake. I brightened it a bit, but that's all.

white birch trees

Finally, well, another sunset. They happen every day! Every once in a while, a winter one breaks through and gets interesting. I like the way you can see the ball of the sun. And the camera didn't concentrate the color to make it more fiery than it was (which it sometimes does). It was a cold sunset, if you know what I mean.


See Drivewayhenge- Sort of for another January sunset
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Rick (Ratty) said...

I took a picture of a road similar to yours in the first picture. I decided not to post it, but now after seeing how beautiful yours came out I wish I had. Mine had cornfields instead of trees though, which probably makes the difference.

Secondary Roads said...

Lovely pictures! The welcome mat is *always* our for you here at our house.

Ann said...

very nice pictures. Love that first one. There's just something about a country road

Anonymous said...

I love the clouds, especially in the first two pictures.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Love the first two photos - especially the second one.