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Thursday, January 16, 2014

St. Joseph's in the Daylight


Remember the beautiful church we went to for a Christmas concert? Here's a hint in case you forgot. It's St. Joseph's Catholic Church just outside Hart. It's one of those churches on a country corner that just takes your breath away because there's nothing else there to clutter up the view. This was the night of the concert.

St. Joseph's Church

I drove by there while working this week, and thought you might like to see more of what the building looks like.

St. Joseph's Church

Here are just a couple of architectural details. I should try to get some pictures of the stained glass windows from the inside some time.

St. Joseph's Church

St. Joseph's Church

Just chillin' out after working all day. Feels good.

See West Shore Choir at St. Joseph's
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Ratty said...

Beautiful. I think I mentioned in that other post how much I like the look of churches. This one is a fine example of why I like them.

Ann said...

That's a great looking church. A country road is a great setting for a church. Come to think of it a country road is a great setting for just about anything

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- there are the beautiful and the ugly.

Ann- I think you have got that right!

RNSANE said...

What a nice country church...I've seen the Gothic cathedrals of Europe, temples in India, mosques in Brunei and it's lovely to see these equally special smaller places of worship.

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