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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Salt and Pepper

Here's the salt.

horse in snow

Here's the pepper

horse in snow

But these items usually come in a set. OK, I can do that.

horses in snow

In fact, they pretty much posed only in a set.

horses in snow

And, yes, it was snowing that hard.

See Rural Living for a horse with no snow
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Unknown said...

Love the pics...the second one is my fav!

Lin said...

Awww, such beauties. They don't look like they mind the snow. Do horses like the snow?? I don't know about horses.

Ann said...

and such a pretty set they are. Looks like they could use some winter coats :)

Secondary Roads said...

Beauty, grace and power come bundled. Very nice essay.

Anonymous said...

What a pair!