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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cold But Beautiful

It was still brutal outside today, but I had to do something with more motion in it by mid-afternoon. I've written a lot yesterday and today, but I get stiff and antsy from too much sitting.

weather verification

So... I headed out on the snowshoes, and managed to complete one medium loop. The view across the field looks like something from Dr. Zhivago.


I took this one from the shelter of the pines, which frames it and provides some perspective. However, between the band of trees on the left (in the cemetery) and the far band that has a pointed top like a hill, there is a 5-lane highway. You can't tell that at all!


Someone was out hunting for a snack. It's a lousy picture, but I was quite pleased to see the red-tail hawk out, and to catch him at all.

red-tail hawk

Do I look cold? I actually was, a little bit.

weather verification

See Baby, It's Cold Outside for another chilly walk
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Loritenor said...

Brrrr...you really look cold and I know you were! I could only stay out for 30 minutes but I don't have one of those cute face warmers like yours!

Ratty said...

Those pictures really do look beautiful. I think the one with the hawk is actually pretty good. It shows how cold and snowy it looks. This is the coldest winter ever in my lifetime so far.

The Furry Gnome said...

Just like here, only it's still colder here. I get antsy too, just have to get out and move at least a little every day.

Secondary Roads said...

I've been seeing red tails around here lately, but never close enough to capture an image as good as yours.

Yes, you do look cold. We should soon return to more seasonable weather. Okay by me.

Ann said...

It is pretty, can't deny that but boy I sure hate these cold temps. We had a heat wave today, it was up to 23

Lin said...

Wow, it's cold. At least it broke zero here and you can actually GO outside again. It was so cold here on Monday, I cried when I took my gloves off to get into the office.

Be careful, Sharkey...but I don't think I have to tell you, do I?


Sharkbytes said...

Loretta- you need one- as ugly as they are they make a big difference at these temps

Ratty- I like the hawk one too- fuzzy because of the snow

Stew- matching weather, matching ants

Chuck- I should have worn another layer on top, but I lived

Ann- we got up to 12 and it felt good

Lin- The cold gets awful in Chicago. ugh

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that although it was very cold here, it only dipped in the negatives during the night/early morning. And I'm also glad that we id not get much snow accumulations.

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