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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sharing Is Good

No pix from today. I worked at the paper all day, and got home after dark. Besides, when I went to get the camera card, I discovered it hadn't been in the camera all day. So it's a good thing I didn't want to take any pictures!

I'm a little tired. That's ok. Tomorrow will be a new day.

Meanwhile, enjoy another picture from the bird feeder. The cardinals really seem to like these seed cakes, but they were willing to share with the smaller chickadee (and some juncos too- not in the picture)

If I would wash the windows come spring I'd get better pictures.

cardinal and chickadee

See Mr. Red
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rainfield61 said...

The world looks beautiful.

Ann said...

I always enjoy the splash of color the cardinals bring in the winter

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