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Monday, December 21, 2015

Kitchenhenge- Winter Solstice 2015

Since I started this silly idea, I've managed to capture only 9 solstices or equinoxes, and not all of those on the exact day. Yup, we're doing it again. This morning was completely gray, but I was awake at the right time yesterday, and the clouds were cooperative.

winter solstice

I seem to have done better with equinoxes than solstices. Wonder why that is?

For anyone who hasn't seen this series before, the red line is just my imaginary standard point so I can compare one picture to the others. It always goes through that irregular tree. The equinox occurs more where the yellow dotted line is.

It rained most of the day and I went out and did cases anyway because it's the only day I had to do them.

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1 comment:

Secondary Roads said...

I enjoy watching the change in solar declination as the year progresses.