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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sewing and Breathing

For most of my life, those two activities were nearly synonymous. I was using Mom's machine at about age 4, and then sewed clothes for my stuffed animals, and beginning in 5th grade sewed my first skirt. From 6th grade on, I made almost all my own clothes.

For a long stretch in the middle of my life, I sewed for money. Today, I got my act together and sewed two pajama bottoms for me (why, yes, those are cute little sharks on the right hand pair) and did a pile of mending.


Why? Because in two weeks I'm leaving town, and I need a few things to wear that don't look like they came from the rag box. It's almost that bad. Actually, it is that bad. I'm willing to wear things around the house that are just short of indecent.

Anyway, it wasn't such a bad project because I have my old sewing machine working.

Singer model 248 Style-mate sewing machine

I packed up the fancy newer one, and returned this one to the place of honor in the primary sewing table. (which, incidentally, was a wedding present)

The only thing that was wrong with this one was that it needed a new belt. Simple, right? Not so much. This model seems to be something of an orphan step-child in the Singer line-up, although I've always loved it. It's hard to find parts for. But now that one does not have to inquire at store after store or make phone calls to people who may not really understand what you need, ie. one can search on line for the correct part, I was able to get the correct belt. On the first try, even.

I needed this machine last year when I got a little sewing job involving vinyl. Newer machine didn't like it. So I got busy and found that belt. Now it works just like it always did- fantastic!

How long have I had this machine? The original receipt was tucked into the original manual. This was a 1967 Christmas present to me my junior year in college, from my mom.

Singer model 248 Style-mate sewing machine receipt 1967

Total price with tax, $183.55. Pretty decent machine-- that was quite a bit of money back then. And well worth it. I couldn't even begin to guess how many miles and miles of seams it has sewed. I really wore out the one I bought after this. Sold it to someone who thought it worked well enough for her needs, but I never really liked that one either. Now I have my favorite back in place.

Singer model 248 Style-mate sewing machine receipt 1967

In other news: took a walk on which I did see a rabbit. Wrote a little bit. Did laundry.

For a brief look and laugh at my agonizing of a few years ago over whether to write or sew, the link below is interesting. At least I seem to finally have found some focus, but I do still need to sew myself out of the ragbox. One more major sewing project to do before my trip. Fabric should arrive tomorrow, so you can count on seeing progress reports about that.

See Inability to Focus
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1 comment:

Ann said...

Those old singers just keep going and going. I have one that I don't use much any more but then I don't use my newer machine much either.
I read the older post in your link and you perfectly described me when you said you do something for a while and get tired of it.

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