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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter 2018

The temperature said "winter," but inside the church everything was yelling "spring," and "new life."

spring flowers

spring flowers

The music was wonderful- choir, brass quartet, girl's quartet, and great congregational singing (not just spectating while a worship band plays). He is Risen!

Easter choir

Just for contrast, there's a new production of Jesus Christ Superstar on NBC tonight. I know it wasn't written by Christians, but I've always found it strangely compelling and honest.

Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar

We had ham and sweet potatoes and real green beans. I talked to a lady at church I hadn't seen for many years. She's 92. I'm so glad she said something to me because I wouldn't have recognized her.

Spent the afternoon filling out the surveys for the 23 and Me genetic test that Steve gave me for Christmas. I know... I'm slow, but I'm getting to it. I agreed to the research part, so the questions were extensive, and kind of interesting.

A calm and restful Easter. Hope yours was good too!

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Ann said...

Normally the store I work at is full of spring flowers before Easter but they didn't order any this year. I love the smell of the hyacinth. Sounds like you have a nice day. Happy belated Easter.

Secondary Roads said...

Those flowers sure brought spring into the church. I especially like the tulips.

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