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Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring for a Day

OK,OK, we had one or two other days that felt like spring, but this one is supposed to be followed, tomorrow, by a return to winter. So I decided to especially enjoy it. Even though it was pretty cold the wind was not blowing and cruel, which allowed the sun to feel pleasant. It smelled like spring.

The critters are beginning to move around. I finally got a nice picture of a mourning dove that isn't sitting on a wire.

mourning dove in an evergreen tree

And, no face, but here's a cute little bluebird butt. At least from this angle you can definitely see the blue.

bluebird on a wire

This robin let me get ten feet away. It's red breast is so bright and has such clear edges it looks painted on.

brightly colored robin

My best find was in the bypass pond. Can you see them?

springtime pond with brown vegetation

Me neither, in the picture. But as I walked past there were flashes of sunlight reflecting from something. Turned out they were turtle shells. There are five of them. Painted turtles.

painted turtles sunning on springtime pond with brown vegetation

I walked an extra mile in hopes of finding the Blanding's turtle that was my first turtle sighting of 2016, but no wildlife there.

In other news: I'm going to spend the writing time I have between now and April 23 on North Country Quest, a long overdue project. Got one chapter nailed down. It's a project that requires too many bulky research materials to take on a pleasure trip, but I should be able to make some headway between now and then. And I read about half a book. Still half taking it easy after my big completion of the Dubois Files books.

See First Turtles of 2016
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Ann said...

I like the picture of the Dove. It's been rather springlike here but snow is in the forecast for either today or tomorrow.

Secondary Roads said...

I particularly like those bird pix. That robin looks idealized.

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