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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Cures Poison Ivy and ???

Curiosities while shopping, part 729. This product claims to cure poison ivy. That was not the problem my shopping was seeking to address, but I have to candidly admit I was impressed. I've never seen a product that could also, in addition to the poison ivy, cure a big nose and jug ears. All this in only two days. Amazing.

humorous medical claims

I did start shopping for the hike today, and have (almost) filled the dehydrator for its first round. I only managed to come up with 8 trays (instead of 9) full that will take all night to dry. (from the bottom up-- melon, pineapple, peaches, oranges, grapefruit, yogurt, minneolas, olives, jam) That's fine. I'm not in any panic time-wise.

dehydrator full of food

Here are my cold meals for the hike. These will also each be served twice. It gets expensive to buy supplies when you only use part of them. Of course, I'll eventually use the rest of the food, but given all the trouble we have with grain moths and mice I'd just as soon use it up sooner.

Cold meals- backpacking

lunch bag always has peanut butter and cheese in it to eat with the crackers

rice cakes
Red Sox salad
salad is my own invention- it's red and will knock your socks off!
cole slaw
Banana Blue Hawk fruit mix
fruit mix is dried bananas, apricots and prunes (named for my hometown team the orange-and-blue Blue Hawks)
cucumber salad
tootsie rolls
cucumber salad is my own invention
flat bread
just a little change from peanut butter
veggie plops
apple snackle
veggie plops are my own invention
olive salad
fruit mix
olive salad is my own invention
mushroom sandwiches
classic gorp
mushroom sandwiches are my own invention
fruit bars
this is exceptionally yummy
granola bars
fruit mix
this will be whatever is left to make up one odd meal
In other news: I worked half day at Shagway, wrote a chapter in DMS Mistletoe, did errands and shopping. I didn't feel well part of the day and am kinda ache-y tonight. Bed early maybe.

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Ann said...

LOL, that box is too funny.
All that fruit looks good. I should pull out my dehydrator

Secondary Roads said...

Looks like you will be eating well.