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Monday, August 13, 2018

Yellow Hen and Chicks

I've showed you this before but not for a long time. This is one of the hens and chicks I have growing all over my garden. There are some that are hardy, and this is perhaps the hardiest. It spreads like wildfire. The rosettes are small- the largest are maybe 2 inches across. I nicknamed it "green star."


Genus Sempervivum, sometimes also known as houseleek. When the rosettes become mature they send up a single impressive scaly stalk with flowers on the end.


A lot of them have pink flowers, but these are yellow. This rosette will then die.


No clue what species it is. There are just too many choices. I was given a handful of these from the Matthaei Botanical Garden maybe 25 years ago. It turned out to be a great filler in my rock garden. Now it's everywhere.

In other news: I worked hard on paperwork from the Writers' Rendezvous, and did errands. Now we have no water. No clue why. I'll call the pump guys in the morning.

See Sempervivum!
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Loretta said...

My hen and chcks are growing well, but I have never had a long stem with flowers...that is very cool!

Ann said...

I've never had hen and chicks. I guess you could say they go out with a bang since they get that pretty flower before they die

Sharkbytes said...

LOretta- they may... when the plant is mature or rootbound it will flower and die.

Ann- They work well for me... hard to kill them.