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Thursday, August 16, 2018

More NCT Hike Fun

I had the time to spend one more day hiking with Connie and Jerry. We decided to do Udell (M-55) to Highbridge. The Manistee River never disappoints for those seeking views.

Manistee River

Buster is always bright-eyed and eager for the day's adventure.

stuffed animal in a backpack

This section of trail is pretty easy going. That was fine with us.


After a mile of roadwalk the trail slips down off a bank beside Chicago Avenue. In all the times I've hiked this I'd never noticed this avenue of trees framing the trail in that area. I really liked this, and it's very welcoming after that roadwalk which is hot and boring.

hiker in tunnel of trees

Bright lights of flowers along the way are always welcome.

woodland sunflower

The weather was a little bit cooler than yesterday. We were soaked with sweat, of course, but not so miserably dripping. Between that and the flatter terrain we walked faster.

Even so, I had to leave as soon as we finished because I had to be at Shagway to work at 4 pm. That's where I am now, doing this blog post and thinking about bed!

Hike 100 Challenge mileage for 2018 is up to 57 miles.

North Country Trail, Udell to Highbridge, Manistee National Forest, 6 miles

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Ann said...

Buster is a real trooper...lol This looks like a nice hike. I always prefer a shaded trail to walking on a road.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- there was just over a mile of hot road on this section, but the rest was quite pleasant.