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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Dead Horse Marsh Walk

Today was the monthly Spirit of the Woods Hike and I didn't have an author event going on, so I went. I'm going to spread the pictures out over two days.

We hiked the section that I used to maintain, so it's well known to me. Today, I'll just show you Dead Horse Marsh... of course the inspiration (name only- different kind of wetland) for Dead Mule Swamp in the books!

Dead Horse Marsh

This marsh is usually dry. Except the years when it fills with water and becomes a shallow pond. It's fed from a small spring. It floods just often enough that trees don't survive, and the plants are almost all wetland species.

Today was a good day to identify a new butterfly! This is the silver-bordered fritillary. They were enjoying the Joe-Pye weed.

silver-bordered fritillary on Joe-Pye weed

And the meadowsweet.

silver-bordered fritillary on meadowsweet

The temperature wasn't bad when we started out, but it heated up quickly to about 90. That was not good. I had decided to go for the 11-mile distance, and I made it, but had to rest a few times. That's the longest hike I've done this year, and I was way too hot.

Hike 100 Challenge is at 45 miles. Wondering if I'll complete it this year.

North Country Trail, Mason County, MI. Tyndall Road to Riverside and back

(Pretty sure the butterfly in the link below is also the silver-bordered, but it's somewhat beat-up.)

See Drawing on the Calm
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Ann said...

I don't know if I could do 11 miles on a cool day let alone in 90-degree weather.

Unknown said...

It was a pleasure to see you again Joan. I’ll always be grateful that you created a fun loving group to continue to hike new sections of the NCT through your inspiration and guidance. Thanks for all the fun. And yes, it was torturous in the heat yesterday. Only did 10. Kudos to you for 11.