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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Yellow Rose of Michigan

I'm not much of a rose fan, but if there must be roses, let them be yellow.

yellow shrub rose

I first noticed this shrub rose back in June. There are several of them behind my bank building. I smelled them before I saw them. Not only are they yellow, but they are an old-fashioned kind. Not exactly single roses, but not the hybrid tea roses that have come to almost define the word 'rose.' That gives me another reason to like them.

yellow shrub rose

Here's another reason to find them attractive. They were still blooming today, in August. That's a long flowering season. In fact the close-up picture above was taken today. Sure, there were fewer blossoms now, but it was still very nice.

yellow shrub rose

In other news: I worked on accounts, files and wrote a chapter in DMS Mistletoe.

See La Vie en Rose
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Ann said...

They're pretty too.

Secondary Roads said...

Those yellow roses are beautiful.

Sharkbytes said...

Thanks, you two. I sure think so!

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