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Sunday, August 26, 2018

New Gear - Shoes

This is absolutely not a change of philosophy or anything except the old pair of shoes is worn out. Here are the new ones. New Balance trail runners, purchased on closeout. The New Balance lasts fit me quite well. There never seems to be any break-in time. These are a different number, 510s instead of 860s, but it doesn't really matter what that means because this is the pair I could get and they fit.

New Balance 510 trail runners

I did have to go that extra half size bigger because of my one stupid toe (see link below), but I haven't been tripping on my feet in the regular sneakers, so it should be OK.

You might recall that I compared the heels of the pair before the current pair and was surprised at how run-down they were. (see link below) Well, I exceeded that this time. I was thinking I could get by with the pair I had for this one more hike. Then I started looking at them (because Marie talked me into it). Wow! There are holes all over the tops, and the heels are even worse than last time. Here are the new pair with the current pair- two years of use (not bad for inexpensive shoes).

New Balance 510 trail runners

And there was another problem, although I knew about this. I always replace the insoles that come with them with gels. All summer long, I have not been able to get the regular gels. Fortunately, the store finally had them, so the new shoes are all ready to hike. Too bad they won't be this clean for very long.

Here's how bad the old gels are. The heel is worn completely off!

worn out gel insole

In other news: I just couldn't get started today. I finally dragged myself to the store because I'm trying to solve a storage issue in my bedroom, and as soon as I stepped outside I knew why I was so tired. The air was like soup. Of course, now it's cooler (and thundering and lightning) and I feel like doing something. Anyway... did a little cleaning, a little sorting, a little writing. Most of the emphasis is on little. I treated myself to a movie- $3.74 at Walmart. The Judge with Robert Downy, Jr. and Robert Duvall. It's a really powerful movie. Not sure why I hadn't even heard of it. Rated R, mostly for language.

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Lin said...

Do you hike in regular gym shoes? Not boots??

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Lin- Not boots any more. These are called trail runners- most companies make them. My feet have been MUCH happier.

Secondary Roads said...

The right shoes make such a huge difference. Those are a good looking pair.

Ann said...

I used to buy cheap shoes and then my feet convinced me that it's worth it to pay the extra for a good pair of shoes.
It started out with thunderstorms this morning and now it's just miserable

vanilla said...

Good shoes, happy feet. A few extra bucks make a world of difference. Happy trails!

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- yes, I like the way these look. Too bad they won't look nice for long

Ann- These actually aren't too expensive. Thank goodness!

Vanilla- Yes... gotta keep my feet happy.