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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Family Portrait?

Remember that long-legged fawn that I showed you? (see link below) He (I think) and his little sister (I think) and mama have decided that their territory is my yard. Here's Mama.

whitetail deer

Here are the twins. Mr. long-legs on the left.

whitetail twin fawns

But here is the strange thing. For more than a week there's been a fourth member of their group. A buck is hanging around with them. This seems odd to me. One doesn't usually see family groups of deer. I'm wondering if the buck is a last-year fawn of the same doe rather than daddy.

whitetail twin fawns and a buck

They think I'm pretty unreasonable to want to come outside on my deck and watch them.

In other news: I did a lot of errands, grocery shopping, and voted.

See One of the Twins in July
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Ann said...

What a treat to have them right there in your backyard. They don't seem too worried that you're watching them.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- They are not worried at all- they face off and stomp at us!