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Monday, July 1, 2019

An Unexpected Pretty

I have a few peony bushes. They hardly ever bloom unless I remember to give them plant food when the leaves first come up. That's not even on my radar any more, so imagine my surprise when this happened this year!

pink peony

There was also a hummingbird flitting around the deck for a few minutes today.

I have spent the entire day trying to hunt up information and watching videos about solar power systems for my trailer. I've watched videos up the ying yang. When I made the decision two years ago to NOT go solar (and instead use a small generator for alternate power) it was mostly because solar was too expensive. But costs have come down, and so I'm rethinking the whole thing.

I do have to decide before I do any of the wiring inside the trailer, which will come up soon. Finally, after hours and hours, I found an actual wiring diagram instead of just people yakking and pointing at things. It's for a system bigger than what I need, but maybe I'm getting closer to having actual usable information.

No writing = not good. Making trailer decisions (well, getting closer) = good. Anyway... that's how I spent my day.

See Peonies at Nichols Arboretum
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1 comment:

Ann said...

The peonies are pretty. The ones I have are white.

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