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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Phoebe Rules the Back Yard

It's interesting to see which birds lay claim to the open space I call my back yard. Earlier in the season a pair of kingbirds were letting everyone know it was their territory.

Now, there is a little Eastern Phoebe, Sayornis phoebe, telling the world she owns the space. They are both in the Tyrannidae family. That tyrant moniker fits. Kingbirds are rude and phoebes are cute but loud!

At any rate, I caught a fairly good picture.

eastern phoebe

She usually sits on the deck rail, or the empty bird feeder (we had to give it up because of the squirrels), or the bird bath, and was quite perturbed when I went out on the deck to try for a picture that wouldn't be through a dirty window. She chased between various trees, but I persevered and caught her with the camera. Only had to take 17 pictures to get 2 reasonably good ones. Thank goodness for digital!

eastern phoebe

In other news: I wrote all morning, and worked on a pet project that I'm not ready to share yet all afternoon. Didn't make much progress because I had to do a lot of recovery on it still due to last year's computer crash.

See Phoebe
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Ratty said...

These are very good pictures of this Eastern Phoebe. The birds here are so much more elusive. Maybe I need to spend more time outside with them.

Ann said...

I've done things like that trying to get at least one good shot. These are good.

Secondary Roads said...

I love Phoebe. It's so much fun to watch her catch snacks on wings as she is on the wing.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Look, Chaplin, a bird."
Chaplin: "I see it, Charlee."
*both start chattering*

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