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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

My Trailer Redo - Days 80,81 - Floor Preparation

It was blazing hot here today, but nothing I needed to do was very athletic, so I just took it slow and had a cold drink between each step. Finally feels like something is happening.

There are a number of holes in the floor that need plugging. Most significantly two 4-inch ones where the previous owner vented the air conditioner. I had to think up a way to plug those that would really be watertight.

fiberglass trailer floor

Since it doesn't matter what the underside of the trailer looks like, I shimmed a flat backing under the holes (lined with wax paper), and then made a sort of well of fiberglass. After that was dry, I forced a round of plywood in the hole and fiberglassed over it again. Yes there are some air bubbles, but it's not going to matter here. I just need to keep water from coming up from underneath. I'll add some sealer on the underside and call it good.

fiberglass trailer floor

Then, I really and truly took all the rest of the parts out of the interior. The old electric box with all the wiring (the wires to the exterior lights remain), and both benches. That white square is just sunlight coming through the window.

fiberglass trailer floor

Then I pulled up the old nasty carpet. There is double sided tape, and a lot of deteriorated rubber from the carpet backing. I'll have to clean most of that up yet, but this feels amazing. I am really close to putting the new vinyl flooring in. Wow!

fiberglass trailer floor

In other news: I wrote in the morning. Was going to go check out a trail, but it was just too hot. Ninety degrees. I'll do that tomorrow, and this was perfect for today. Now I'm going to shower and then settle in with a book.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

You're getting closer all the time to having it finished. That sounds like a lot of work on the floor but rewarding to have it done