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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Pre-Hike #3

I'm leading a hike Aug 16, and once again needed to make sure there haven't been changes made before I go leading people into the woods. Someone might be watching!

a discovered face on a tree

I started at the Lake Michigan Recreation Area and hiked up to the viewing platform, then back down to the beach.

Lake Michigan Recreation Area beach

Then I followed the Porter Creek Trail and the outer bicycle loop. This all adds up to only about 3 miles. So I then I did the Arrowhead Trail, which puts you up on top of the dunes south of Porter Creek. I think these trees are doing a pas de deux.

two symmetrical trees

That added one more mile. I was going to follow the Peters Grade (old rail road bed) south to Nordhouse Lake, but it looked like that unofficial trail was pretty wet, so I scooted up the dune again, and discovered they've given the trails actual names and put up signage. Hooray!

So, I followed the Nippising Trail to Nordhouse Lake, which is very full of water. Sometimes, at this time of year it's completely dried up.

Nordhouse Lake

Always love the patterns of the waves.

patterns in small waves

Then I cut northwest on the Nordhouse Lake Trail till it hit the Algoma Ridge Trail and turned north. From this ridge there are longer views of Lake Michigan. You can just see it shining silvery out there.

Nordhouse Dunes Lake Michigan view

Then joined the Lake Michigan Trail and back to my car. Added about 4 more miles. Great weather, great hike! If you want to do all this with me on August 16, be sure to let me know.

In other news: I wrote in the morning.

Lake Michigan Recreation Area and Nordhouse Dunes, total miles about 8.

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See Nordhouse Lake dried up
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1 comment:

Ann said...

Nice that they have names for the trails. Sounds like a very good day.

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