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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

I Spy

Just a baby rabbit to make you smile.

baby rabbit

The most interesting thing is that if it's sitting on the dirt pile outside it's home burrow, that is very close to the woodchuck hole. I'm surprised they are sharing such close quarters.

baby rabbit

I'm posting early because after writer's group tonight I need to pack up the last little things I need for a quickie hiking trip. I leave tomorrow morning. Just two days and one night. There probably won't be a blog post tomorrow unless I try one from my phone. I might, but it's a real pain to do.

I'm using my old external frame pack because it's lighter. Also much smaller, but it will work for one night in the middle of summer. Total weight of food, water and all gear is only 22 pounds.

external frame backpack

I will probably send a couple of pix to Facebook from the phone. That's easy to do. See you!

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Ann said...

Aw, cute bunny. I've got a couple of rabbits that have been hanging out in my yard quite a bit this year.
Have fun on your hike.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Dada says we used to have little bunnies like that in our yard, but I have never seen them. I guess they moved out before I got here."
Charlee: "Actually, I think it was after."