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Friday, July 5, 2019

Urban Day

Eight hours at the Lakeshore Art Festival in Muskegon, and eight more coming up tomorrow. It was very hot, but it could have been worse, so I'm not complaining. There was a light breeze, and at my location I'm shaded well by our canopy.

Things started slowly, and I was concerned at first, but then sales picked up. I had a couple of repeat customers- always fun!

Thought you'd like to see the urban planters. I mean, how many pictures of sales venues are you interested in?

urban planter

urban planter

I'm sure there are more interesting things in the downtown area, but except for one walk to get breakfast and another fast one to fill my water bottle later, I was parked right on our corner.

I did well on sales, and tomorrow will be all profit. Finally, a good event!

vendor event

That is all the news for the day. I'm staying at another author's house, and she will stay with me one night later this month. Keeping costs down is good.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Hooray for a good sales day. Hope today goes just as well