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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Blue Ribbon Roosters

  I am marginally proud of my accomplishments to get some of the thousands of items in my possession sorted this past year. Here's a little goodie that surfaced.

Way back when, I was actually entering various handmade items in the county fair. Most of them won awards, but I'm not sure any more exactly what items took what place. However, I do remember that these crocheted rooster potholders took a blue ribbon. crocheted rooster potholders

However, they are no longer in pristine condition. I gave them to my mother, and she displayed them in her kitchen as decorations. When she was in failing health, but still living at home, one of her helpers apparently couldn't find the everyday potholders, took these off the wall and used them. The were badly stained, and you can see that one of the rings is missing.

I soaked them several times and washed them. They came pretty clean, but they'll never look like new again. You can see a couple of the stains even in the picture. Here's the back. I lined them with fabric scraps from a favorite shirt of mine from that time period. I made the shirt, of course, and there was always some leftover fabric from any sewing project. crocheted rooster potholder  backing

Now they will be documented and put away with a lot of the other fabric items I cleaned and sorted this year.

In other news: I worked really hard at the editing, took a short walk, and started a small jig-saw puzzle.

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Ann said...

Those are some pretty impressive looking pot holders. I can't imagine taking these down off the wall to use if someone had them hanging. That would tell me they wanted them as a decorative piece rather than usable potholders.

Lin said...

Ugh. People don't understand the work that went into those chickens, so there is no respect. I once made a mini-quilt for a pre-school teacher. It was all hand-appliqued and quilted. She thanked me for the "pot holder." Ugh.

Sharkbytes said...

What you both say is true- people who do no crafts have no concept of the amount of work involved.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Oooh, a puzzle? Can we come help?"
Chaplin: "And by 'help' of course we mean bat the pieces around and possibly eat a couple of them."

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