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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

New Views of Lincoln River

  Cathy and I took another urban walk today between her work and my bell choir practice. We did some roads that go along the Lincoln River. You don't get very good views between the houses, but we managed a few. This is from the west side of Jebavy drive, where we've walked several times. You can't really tell much from the picture, but this is about where the river starts to widen into Lincoln Lake Lincoln River

Then we crossed Jebavy Drive and took a road into a small development that we had never walked. Here, there were some interesting views. At least I think they are interesting! This little eddy has some textural interest. Lincoln River

The view from the end of that street was a totally new persepective to me. I'll have to explain this picture though. Cutting through the middle of the picture is a line, slightly lower on the left, that is higher than the river. That's Jebavy Drive. Jebavy bridge over Lincoln River

I was able to zoom in from a couple of steps to the side and get a little better view of the bridge. Jebavy bridge over Lincoln River

There was a second street in the development too, that went further upstream. So this is maybe a third of a mile east of Jebavy Drive. There's still a big stretch of this river that can't be seen between here and Fisher Road. (Points 3 and 4 on the map in the linked post) I did just see on a map that a public golf course backs up to it in that stretch. Maybe I can catch a picture from there some day. Lincoln River

I've thought about paddling upstream, but I looked it up, and technically, it's not open for paddling above the Jebavy Drive Bridge. Bother.

We walked 5.3 miles, and I still made it to bell choir on time!

In other news: I wrote a chapter in the morning and worked on another project before meeting Cathy.

See Lincoln River Continued


Ann said...

You sure do fit a lot of activity into one day

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- Well, yesterday was pretty tight!

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