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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Puzzles- Kittens and a Puzzling Puzzle

  I seem to be on a puzzle jag. Maybe I'm making up for all the years that I didn't do any. Jigsaw puzzles used to be my comfort purchase. Then I gave them up for a long time. The craving seems to be back with a vengence. I guess there are worse things to be addicted to, and now I get them from friends or at yard sales.

I've completed two more this week. This one is called "We're Gifted." It was just fun and easy. jigsaw puzzle of kittens

This one is called "Tennis Everyone," and I sort of have a problem with this one. Not with the puzzle itself. It was a lot of fun. The pieces are cut very strangely, which added to the challenge. Even so, it was pretty easy. I don't ever look at the cover while I'm doing the puzzle, but there were lots of clues with all the horizontal lines and little piece of people that you could usually decide which way up they needed to be.
igsaw puzzle of people playing tennis

My issue with this puzzle is the title. There are probably 100 cartoon people in this puzzle. Every single one of them is Caucasian. The copyright date is 1994. There were plenty of people of color playing tennis by then. Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe had won titles long before 1994. The Williams sisters phenomenon had not yet begun, but even so... I'm not much of an activist, but seriously... not one single dark face in the whole puzzle?

In other news: I worked on the web site for NCT Long Distance Hiker Recognition, got groceries, and read a book. Tomorrow, I think there will be something more interesting to write about.

See A Puzzle with Cathy


Ann said...

It's been decades since I've done a puzzle. A couple years ago I was going to buy one and just about fell over when I saw how expensive they were. Yard sales, thrift stores or from friends is the only way I would get one.

Lin said...

I think the having the same skin tone would maybe make it more difficult? Might be the artists thought process?? I don't take issue with it...I'm sure there are African American or maybe Asian-only puzzles on the market to even it out???

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Hello kitties!"

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