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Friday, April 2, 2021

Walking with Jesus

  There's a song from Sunday School days that I always loved.

Walking with Jesus
Walking every day
Walking all the way.
Walking with Jesus
Walking with Jesus alone.

There's a second part, and when they are sung together they create harmony.

Walking in the sunshine,walking in the shadow
Walking every day
Walking all the way
Walking in the sunshine, walking in the shadow,
Walking with Jesus alone.

There is a local man who has been making a Good Friday walk every year for the past six years. He begins in Ludington and walks eight miles to Scottville bearing a cross (albeit with a wheel).

Anyway, today as I was driving home, I passed him and a small group of people who were walking with him. When I got home, I decided to join the procession. They were just passing my house when I got outside. man dressed as Jesus carrying a cross

Well, much to my embarrassment, they were only walking as far as Our Savior Lutheran Church which is maybe a tenth of a mile from me. Not much of a time of following. The boy beside the Jesus actor walked four miles.

And in this simple misunderstanding of how far they were going is a huge lesson. Those who follow Christ late will receive the same reward as those who follow early.

Sermon over- bottom line... I'm glad I got organized and got out there for even a tenth of a mile. It seemed important somehow. I walk all over the place for my own pleasure, surely I could walk a short distance to identify with Christ.

In other news: I painted for 4.5 hours.

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Bonnie said...

Excellent scripture application. I love it! ~Bonnie

Ann said...

I don't know if it's the same man or not but I've heard of someone doing this.
There was an excellent lesson here

Secondary Roads said...

Very nice "sermon." Thank you.

vanilla said...


Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I know there are several people across the country who do a similar walk.

Bonnie, Chuck, Vanilla- I was feeling really bummed until suddenly that thought hit me!

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