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Saturday, May 1, 2021

54 Weeks Later

  I did this same hike (plus a little more) 54 weeks ago. Today, Cathy hiked with me, and we did 9 miles. I loved the spring colors beginning to show along the Manistee River. view of the Manistee River

This view at the power line is always nice because it's unobstructed. view of the Manistee River

You can really see the trees coloring up in this one. spring colors along the Manistee River

One of the neatest features along here is the glacial esker the trail follows for about a quarter mile. Very pointed and steep-sided. glacial esker

Growing right on the side of it is Hoary Puccoon, Lithospermum canescens. (It might be Hairy Puccoon, but I think I can now tell them apart.) Had to do something of a gymnastic act to get this picture. hoary puccoon

A little farther and we were at the beaver pond. It's pretty, but the beavers are playing havoc with the trail, of course. beaver pond

Then into Leitch Bayou, still along the Manistee River, but now down closer to the water. It was a windy, windy day. Oddly enough the hike 54 weeks ago was also very windy. Sometimes, we really had to struggle against the wind, and in other places we hardly felt it. But the day warmed enough that I was hiking in shirt sleeves by the end. Manistee River

A really big tree that had fallen across the trail had these interesting beetle galleries. beetle galleries

All together, we saw about 10 different wild flowers. Here is one more. Gaywings, Polygala paucifolia. gaywings

North Country Trail miles for 2021 is at 246. Cathy is at 45 miles.

North Country Trail, Manistee County, MI, Highbridge Rd. to Sawdust Hole and back, 9 miles.

In other news: I had a zoom meeting before we left, but haven't done anything significant after I got home.

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Ann Thompson said...

I always find the beetle galleries fascinating

The Furry Gnome said...

That esker is neat! There was an esker remnant right inside Guelph near where we lived.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- me too!

Stew- I really love this one. The sides are so steep you can barely scramble up and down. (not that you would or should often, but I wanted a picture of the puccoon)