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Sunday, May 2, 2021

I've Got Denali

  Two years ago, I got to snag long-distance hiker, Annie Nelson, off the trail for a day. This year, I have "Denali." I hiked north from Sawdust Hole on the North Country Trail to meet her and she's at my house tonight out of the thunderstorms. trail hiker Denali

Here she comes! Stay tuned for good times with Denali tomorrow. So much fun to talk with another hiker.
trail hiker Denali

The spring colors above the Manistee River are just about at peak. Sassafras in bud in the foreground. Manistee River springtime

Wood anemone was blooming along the trail. wood anemone

And the treat at my house was a brown thrasher singing its heart out in the budding apple tree. Wonderful! brown thrasher

In other news: I worked really hard at record-keeping and other volunteer stuff during the day so I could get Denali tonight.

See I've Got Annie


Ann said...

That is one happy looking hiker :)
Love the picture of the brown thrasher

Lin said...

How fun to spend some time with another hiker! Sounds like a fun evening of good hiking tales. Have fun!

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- she really is cheerful!

Lin- we can't shut up!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Bird."
Chaplin: "Birdy bird."
Charlee: "Birdy bird bird."
Lulu: "Have fun visiting with your friend!"
Charlee: "Bird bird birdy bird bird."
Chaplin: *starts chattering*

Sharkbytes said...

C,C&L- he sure was singing!