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Friday, May 21, 2021

Half an Accomplishment

  I did half of what I hoped to accomplish today, but it was the difficult half. Sue came with her truck and trailer. Can you see what's loaded (picture is confusing with my fiberglass trailer behind it). truck and utility trailer

Here's the answer- say goodbye to the old lawnmower. It's truly dead and it needed to leave. It didn't owe us anything. We bought it new in 1990. lawn tractor on a trailer

As we were pulling out of the driveway, something made a very strange noise. Sue hopped out to see what it was, and this is what she found. newborn fawn

It's VERY new. My guess is it was born this morning. The noise or vibration of the truck must have scared it. It bleated repeatedly, then walked a little ways and then settled back down in the long grass. I'm sure mama will find it. newborn fawn

Got my fill of Sophie and Anabelle kisses, and they got to sniff lots of new places.

The other half was supposed to be buying a new lawnmower. So, we went to the store with the trailer... and they are sold out. So I got a raincheck and came home, with no mower.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Sue for helping me move that old mower!

Now here's the amazing part of this story. I've been looking, with no success, for a used lawn tractor for nearly a year. I found nothing that was quite right, and wasn't sure if I did buy one, if the sellers were trustworthy. But, it just doesn't seem too sensible to spend the money on a new one. I can't imagine we are going to be taking care of this house and lawn for another 20 years.

Got home again and immediately, a friend posted on Facebook that they were selling their lawn tractor. I was #2 in line to possibly want it... Just got the word that it's mine!

Some of you will just say "coincidence." I say that this is God taking care of me yet again. PTL!!!

In other news: I did a load of laundry, and am getting ready for my 20-mile walk for World Vision tomorrow. Cut my toenails (no small task- they are so damaged it's a major chore, but Om got me some really good clippers for my birthday and these do allow me to actually cut them instead of just ripping pieces off- thanks Om!), packed up all my stuff- making sure I have things like enough water, enough food, cough drops (for dry throat), and all the other little stuff that just lives in my pack. However, I wanted to make sure I really have everything. If I don't have something for a 5-mile hike, it hardly matters. However, it's much more annoying to be without something for the time it takes to walk 20 miles.

So, tomorrow night, I should be quite tired but happy. See you then! As of right now, people have contributed $1275 toward clean water. I'm pretty much in awe - this is so much more than I could ever have given on my own. You can still give yet tonight or Saturday (tomorrow). See World Vision 6K

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vanilla said...

PTL, indeed! That is awesome. (And I am not one to bandy that word around lightly.)

Ann said...

Definitely not a coincidence, that was God looking out for you.

Sharkbytes said...

Vanilla- total agreement

Ann- I believe it

Stew- Thank you!