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Wednesday, May 5, 2021


  If yesterday was congested, today was miscellaneous and as flighty as the phoebes on my deck. I worked on a lot of different projects. I took pictures of a lot of different things.

We'll start with some new flamingoes in the lawn just down the road from me. There is quite a collection now, but you haven't seen these ones yet. I'm pretty sure they are getting ready to open a dance studio for their neighborhood. flamingo lawn ornaments

While out doing errands, I had to wait for the train at a grade crossing with gates. That was neat- I got to see more of the train at one time than when it passes behind my house. They have one of the engines with the new paint scheme on this line now, but it's not the lead engine. train at a crossing gate

Then I stopped for some quick shots at the Pere Marquette River Flats. This is where the river begins to open into Pere Marquette Lake (where the Badger car ferry is docked). It's a huge cattail marsh. You can see more of the open water at this time of year. Pere Marquette River Flats Pere Marquette River Flats

Finally, the first and last pictures of the day- the new and the old, both textural. The first is a sugar maple tree loaded with flowers. New life. sugar maple flowers

I'll end with the broken-down cattail stems and leaves from last year in the marsh. Past life. dead cattail stalks

In other news: It's really all other news- wow. Got my car, did laundry, did accounts, did volunteer stuff, did other stuff, went to UPS, ate too much. Didn't finish hardly anything, but hopefully the progress I did make will build up to completed tasks soon.

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Ann said...

Maybe you didn't finish much but you accomplished a lot.

The Furry Gnome said...

Old looking flamingoes! Love the Sugar Maple flowers.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- well, I sure worked hard

Stew- I think they are just made to look that way, but they are different from any others on the blog.