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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Almost Early Summer near Grand Rapids

  These are the pictures from yesterday's hike. I was in Kent County, in the Lowell State Game Area. Luscious green! The bad news is that almost all of that colorful understory is horrid, invasive multi-flora rose. It would be a huge undertaking to remove it but the resulting higher quality vegatation would be wonderful, given what I saw in most places along this section. North Country Trail

In a couple of places there are bits of views of the Flat River. The river may be flat, but this particular piece of trail was surprisingly hilly. Flat River

After I crossed another road, the area became much more dry and with lots of areas of open sand. This one has been used as a campsite. That makes the fire area nice and safe, but it's really too close to the trail. I did my good deed by picking up more toilet paper and trash, but then negated it by losing my chapstick somewhere! sandy campsite

The real treat was the profusion of wildflowers- and much farther into the season than here at home. This one is Celandine. It's so pretty with clear yellow flowers, but of course, I'm sorry to say that it's alien too. Celandine

Here's a plant of much higher quality, Solomon's seal. See the little green flowers hanging below the stem? Solomon's seal

And a flowering dogwood with the petals wide open. It was practically glowing in the woods. Flowering dogwood

The wild cherries have also started to bloom. This one had quite pink flowers- unusual. I'm thinking it may have hybridzed. pink wild cherry

Wild geranium was beginning to open. wild geranium

And a very new eruption of Squawroot! squawroot

The hike was a great interlude between (gag) shopping and a nice evening with Chuck and Sylvia.

In other news today- I was at a vendor event all day long. Did pretty well, and then had to drive all the way home. There wasn't time to completely fool around on back roads, but I took paved roads I don't see too often instead of the interstate. It took a little longer, but not much- totally worth it for the scenic value.

North Country Trail miles hikes in 2021 is at 285.

North Country Trail, Kent County, MI, South crossing of Grindle St to Montcalm Ave and back. 5.4 miles

See NCT- Kent County


The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Look at that pole and tree arch! That would be so much fun to scamper along!"
Chaplin: "We could totally pounce on things from up there!"
Lulu: "The both of you are crazy."

Ann said...

Wow, look how green it is. Love it. I've never seen that squawroot before. It's fascinating. It kind of looks like pinecones.

The Furry Gnome said...

I wish we had Flowering Dogwood here. It barely gets north of Lake Erie.

Sharkbytes said...

C & C - I have two little doggie friends who would 100% agree with you.

Ann- Indeed it does look like pine cones- even more so as it begins to dry.

Stew- I thought it didn't even get as far north as me (this is 60 miles south). But I have found a few isolated trees at my latitude. Not much though.