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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

100 +131 = 2 - Day 7

  Total miles after today is 107.5. Did you notice how many digits are in that number? Yup, I'm over 100 miles on this hike. And, today, I crossed under US 131. These two event seem like milestones. I still don't feel epic, but hey, they are two decent accomplishments. US 131

As the trail approaches Cedar Springs, there is a small patch of Kent County property where the trail has been allowed to cross. Even these short bits off off-road trail are welcome. Otherwise, look in the distance and see what we'd be walking past. McD and all its friends. North Country Trail sign

And the little bit of trail was nice. It followed the edge of a field and then went through some woods. trail in woods

This is especially nice- hikers have been trusted to close the gate at the east end of this small piece. If you are a hiker, and the trail is routed through a gate, always leave it either the way you found it, or if there are specific directions, follow them! trail through gate

When there is a town right in the middle of the day, we aren't stupid... we went out for lunch! Sue had a meatloaf sandwich, and I had the two-taco special. We forgot to take a picture before it was almost gone.
restaurant lunch

Then, I turned south on the White Pine Trail for the afternoon. This is the former route of the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad. White Pine Trail

At it's longest, it extended to Cincinatti, Ohio. I suspect that is where this mileage marker is counted from
railroad mileage marker

And then the trail veers near the Rogue River... the same river I was following yesterday. Rogue River

Total today: 15.5 miles. It was about 24 degrees, but it felt better than yesterday because there was very little wind. I had no trouble staying warm.

For those of you praying about my sore leg, here's the deal. When Marie and I hiked the Mesabi Trail part of the NCT, we both came home with stress fractures. That same shin started hurting yesterday. Yikes. The little day-to-day aches and twinges are no big deal, but this could be bad. Marie called me this morning and we talked about some strategies. Don't worry, she gave me a good lecture, so you don't have to. Anyway, I'm doing exercises and taking breaks more often, ice, ibuprofen, elevation, etc. Result... it does not hurt as much tonight. Keep up the prayers. Thank you!

Sue is taking great care of me. We had crockpot dinner, and she found 10 geocaches today!

Dec 7, Division Ave. at Rogue River SGA to Rockford City Parking. 15.0 miles

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Nicole B said...

You go girl!

I learned about your hike on a Girl Scout FB page.

I shared that I information with my local South Lyon Girl Scout Service Unit in case there were some girls/adults that wanted to join you.

I'm sure that your travels have already been shared amongst the Girl Scout community and I'm hoping that you have some girls join you on your travels.

Stay safe!

Ann said...

Take care of that leg. Will be thinking of you out there on the trails.

Chaz Deegan said...

Just wanted to wish you well on your journey. Chintan Patel posted Steve Begnoche's article in a hiking fb group and I will be following along. Thanks for the inspiration. Good luck and stay warm and safe.