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Monday, December 6, 2021

Cold, Just Cold - Day 6

  Today had winter weather advisories, but out I went anyway. Snow devils brewing across the corn fields. blowing snow

However, the day started with our first morning in the trailer. I have to tell you that every single time I woke up in the night I felt SO grateful for bedding that doesn't itch, a flat place to lie down, my pillow, and warmth! Sunny is working spectacularly so far. - Not to mention a small warm dog curled up against my ribs!

Sue is here. We met up last night with no serious glitches. The transition to day packing from backpacking always takes time, but we managed without too many glitches. I was hiking at 9:15, and still finished before dark. Sue and I have done things together, but not this activity, so we are working out the kinks. I feel as if I should be doing more, but I need to just let her do the support role as planned.

Although it was 31 degrees, I have no idea what the wind chill was. Probably something impressive. I took my first break in a little woodlot where a property owner has allowed the trail passage. small bridge in the woods

After that, the 2-mile walk on 128th St. was the worst thing of the day. The wind was straight in my face, and I had to find a track to walk in that was rough so the wind couldn't blow me over.

Finally turned south. That was better. I do want to clarify that I was never cold. My clothing did its job well. But the walking and visibility in the wind was difficult. I have to include this picture for my friend, Robert. This is the infamous "ugliest mile in Army boots." It's almost a pretty picture with the gray. hi tension towers in the snow

Finally, I entered Rogue River State Game Area. It was beautiful and largely protected from the wind. I would have taken more pictures, but the snow was really wet, and I had to put the camera away to keep it dry. Lovely end to the day. Rogue River

Back safe and warm in Sunny. It's supposed to get really cold tonight. Thanks to Bruce and Linda for providing a warm and yummy dinner. Things still don't feel epic. 92 total miles. I have to check tomorrow's weather. I have a sore leg. Hoping that particular glitch goes away.

Dec 6, Locust Ave. to Division Ave at Rogue River SGA. 15.0 miles

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Unknown said...

If it's any consolation, my hip is pretty sore today too.

Ann said...

oh it does look cold out there. Stay warm

Jeff said...

Those hikes are memorable. It does look cold. I once paddled the Rogue River in late fall with rain and temperatures around 40--it was also miserable at the time, but overall a good trip and memory. Keep hiking!


The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "You are doing great! I would lend you some furs if I could! Hey our Dada's knee has been bothering him since last week and he hasn't even walked anywhere, maybe he needs to ..."