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Monday, December 20, 2021

Chief Baw Beese Treasures - Day 20

  Today, I've been working my way across Hillsdale County, the area of the Chief Baw Beese Chapter. The day began with a nice sunrise. Apparently the sun did not rise in my brain however, because I made a couple of stupid errors that got me hiking later than I wanted. sunrise

But it was OK. The ice from two days ago was still on the trees. I tried so hard to get a picture of the sun hitting the tips of the branches and making them glow. This was the best I could do. The ice didn't melt off the trees, but fell off in little chunks, coating the road ahead of me with crystals. sun on icy branches

The village of Litchfield has added a "nature trail" on city property which also gives the NCT passage on a natural surface. trail in woods

Just a few years ago, there was almost nowhere to camp in the Baw Beese area. But look what Litchfield did! They put in a campsite specifically for NCT hikers! Litchfield campsite

And here's the real gem! Where the trail crosses the St. Joseph River, a private individual has developed a campsite for hikers and kayakers. NCT Kayak camp sign

I had to walk a little off the trail, but I wanted to show you (and there is also a latrine). Here is Mac, who owns and built this. NCT Kayak camp

He has a fire area, NCT Kayak camp

and various little buildings, including the one on the left that is basically two bunks with doors. What fun! NCT Kayak camp

Wouldn't it be awesome if more individuals along the trail fell in love with the idea so much that they also developed campsites?

I was really tired today. Did the miles, but it didn't feel good. Trying to get plans lined up for northern Ohio. Miles today: 15. Total miles this trip: 294.5

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Bob Court said...

Hi Joan-
Hope you perk up tomorrow. Love your blogs.
-Bob Courtois

Ellie said...

So good to read about the true goodness of people. So often we just read about all the problems in the world. Thank you for posting. The trees really were lovely today!

Ann said...

What a nice thing to do. Looks like a nice campsite too

Lin said...

Sweet campsite! I hope others take his lead and do the same. I hope you have more oomph today!

David Castro-Diephouse said...

Love you Joan! So grateful that you can manage to write even when tired.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "That looks like a site to stop and take a rest!"