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Friday, December 10, 2021

Halfway? Ha! - Day 10

  Today, I stopped at the North Country Trail Association headquarters in Lowell. It's traditional to take a picture of a hiker that passes by in front of the map in the window. Here you go! The headquarters of the NCT has always been in west Michigan because it's roughly the halfway point of the trail. Remember the sign from a few days ago that used to be on the NCTA schoolhouse? So, I passed that halfway point today. Oops. I guess it doesn't work that way if you don't start at one of the ends.
hiker by NCT sign

But the day began at Fallasburg Park where there is one of the few remaining covered bridges in Michigan. It was built in 1871 and is still in excellent condition. Fallasburg Bridge

Most of the morning miles were through Lowell State Game Area. There is a lot of nice trail on both sides of Lowell. It's also surprisingly hilly. This trail along the power line is not the NCT, but this picture gives you a good idea of the topography. hills

The Lowell Showboat is located on the Flat River, along the riverwalk which is part of the NCT. Lowell Showboat

And the headquarters building with the murals on the side that I've shown you before. NCTA Headquarters

There was another trail mile after the office visit, and then I finished the day with some fast road walks. But the sun actually came out, and I walked for a while with my gloves off as it hit 50 degrees. One annoyance of so many days of winter hiking is turning out to be dealing with gloves, mittens, velcro that sticks to the gloves, zippers, ziploc bags, pockets, pockets that are inside two layers of clothing, needing a bare finger to use the phone... just so many little items to deal with over and over when you have cold hands. sun in trees

Even if I'm not even close to halfway with my hike, I did pass another milestone. I am now south of I-96. When I did my first hike, I was walking these miles in the other direction, but I remember feeling as if I were actually making progress when I was finally north of I-96. interstate

I walked in low shoes today, and my leg appreciated that. I think it's even better, but I'm still icing it in the evening. Tomorrow, I get to take a day off and rest all my body parts and move the trailer to its next location. I must be making progress!

14.8 miles today for a trip total so far of 153.5

Here is the beautiful woodcut artwork that was last year's special edition artst thing for NCTA. I really like it! NCT woodcut

Dec 10- Fallasburg Park to 64th St. 14.8 miles

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Mary Ann Williams said...

So glad you have tomorrow’s off! It will be such blustery weather!

Beyond my garden said...

Halfway! Wow! That was fast. HA!

vanilla said...

Enjoy a well-deserved day of rest!

Ann said...

Enjoy your day off.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "You are moving right along!"

Ratana said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

What a memorable day! I enjoyed the photos and information - and seeing you! Enjoy your well-deserved and needed rest :) - Elaine

Ratana said...

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