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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Rest, Relocation, Ready - Day 11

  Today was my day off from walking. I did get some restful periods, although I tried hard to get some of the organizational chores caught up that didn't happen between packpacking and day-hiking.

Here are my hosts for these past several days, Bruce and Linda Matthews. They didn't dress up for me! They were on their way to a wedding. Bruce is the past Executive Director of the NCTA. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of Sunny at their place. couple dressed for Christmas

So, I made sure I got one in my new location. small trailer in the sunset

The sunset over Gull Lake was pretty wonderful after days and days of gray. sunset

I have a special treat arriving in a few minutes. Will tell all tomorrow.

Today I did laundry, cleaned up and cut my toenails (an item of major importance to a walker), got to play piano with Linda for a while, wrote an article for Mason County Press, worked on numbering pictures (so many people have sent me ones they have taken), moved the trailer, sorted stuff for about two hours, and got everything ready for tomorrow's walk. More things are now where they belong inside the trailer, but the car still needs some work. Hopefully I'll finish early enough one of these coming warm days to be able to deal with that. Quite a nice day off. Sue goes home for the weekends, so I did get some quiet time to myself. She'll be back tomorrow evening.

See Halfway? Ha!

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