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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Almost All Pavement, Not All Road - Day 8

  Today, there began to be a bit more topography. Of course, nothing like some of the other states, but there were some hills that made me work for the top. Especially the very last half mile of the day. hiker painted on pavement

For most of the day, I was on the Cannon Township Trail which is paved. It included several nice boardwalks over marshes. This is across Armstrong Creek. There was a good interpretive sign too. Armstrong Creek Armstrong Creek marsh

Except for some icy places that slowed me down, the trail was enjoyable. There were some sections with nice planning for architectural interest. And hills. Cannon Township Trail

Toward the end of the day, I was on one dirt road. It was a lovely winding way through Cannonsburg State Game Area. Dursum Road

The chickens wondered what I was up to! chickens

I finished hiking in great time, which was good because I had a program this evening at the Chief Noonday Chapter meeting, so I had to get cleaned up and drive there- Sue did the driving. It went well!

One other especially nice thing today was that a business let me use their restroom and gave me a bottle of water. Now I need to hit the sack.

15.5 miles today. Total so far is 123.

Dec 8, Rockford City Parking to Knapp at Egypt Valley. 15. 5 miles.

See 100+131=2


Bruce Matthews said...

I'm sure the Chief Noonday folks appreciated the extra effort you made to present at their meeting after hiking all day!

Sharkbytes said...

Thanks, Bruce. I was a little punchy by the end!

vanilla said...

A program after 15.5 mile hike. That is going above and beyond! Carry on!