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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Lydia and Otto - Day 9

  Quite an amazing morning, culminating in meeting Lydia and Otto. Here's how the conversation went. Some ladies I met (see below), were oogling the baby, right? He's cute. Then they got to telling the mother what I was trying to do on the trail. Lydia said, "My grandmother was involved in the North Country Trail. She's from White Cloud."

So, I figured I might at least know who this person is, and I asked.

Lydia says, "Ginny Wunsch."

I practically jumped up and down! Ginny Wunsch, who died a couple of years ago, is probably one of the ten or twelve most important people in the early history of the North Country Trail Association. She is the person who acquired the Birch Grove Schoolhouse for it's first headquarters. It's where the sign I showed you a few days ago was located. Ginny was an early board member. She answered requests for info with hand-written letters! Ginny Wunsch is legendary, and this is her grandaughter and great-grandson!

That I "just happened" to meet hiking on the North Country Trail. Amazing. Just amazing. mother and baby

Now, let's back up. The morning started on more multi-use trail. It's better than road walking at any rate. And it was interesting here. The trail crosses the road, then swings down the valley out of sight and climbs up the other side. hilly multi-use trail

While I was hiking in Seidman Park, a section of trail that was not there when I hiked this before, three women met me. Missy, Erica, and Jill had set out to find me, and they did! So we walked and talked for a while. That's always better than just dwelling on whatever little twinge is currently being annoying. They are planning some grand adventures of their own. hikers

The afternoon was characterized by a lot of road miles with a cold wind in my face, but I finally made it to Fallasburg Park and the Flat River. Flat River

My leg is holding its own. No worse. Monica and Marie are keeping me honest and taking care of helping me make good choices to help it heal. 15.7 miles today. Trip total so far is 138.7.

Followed by snuggles from Sophie.
Flat River

Dec 9- Knapp at Egypt Valley to Fallasburg Park. 15.5 miles

See Almost All Pavement


Trina Ball said...

Ginny Wunch! She was a wonderful, kind, helpful woman. I was sorry to hear of her passing. You must have made her grand daughter's day with all your kind words. Is that a cottage in your picture? I'm trying to follow, but missed where you said you will find shelter. I've been thinking about you out there in this cold snow. Stay safe!

Nicole B said...

Safe travels! I have shared your various FB pages on my local (South Lyon, MI) and national Girl Scout groups. Here's hoping that some scouts will join you along your trek!

Bruce Matthews said...

How cool, and serendipitous is that, to meet up with Ginny Wunsch's granddaughter on the trail. Definitely something larger than ourselves at work here!

Lydia said...

Today was such a treat!! There were several things that occurred this morning that almost kept Otto and I off the trail today….but they made the timing just right! And I had such a drive to get outside today and specifically to Seidman. Too cool. So connected. There is definitely something bigger than us. Thanks Grandma!! :) And thank you, Joan for such a lovely walk in the woods. <3

Ann said...

What a happy coincidence meeting the granddaughter.
Love the picture of you and Sophie. She looks quite comfy there.

LBE said...

Such an amazing coincidence for you both! Your trail walk is such a joy to follow! Thanks for sharing.

Jeri said...

Wished I were doing what you are. When you did the road walk between the Rogue River State Game area and the White Pine Trail in Cedar Springs you passed within a few miles of my house. I was thinking about you. I love the Yankee Springs area and have hiked it often too. Happy trails.