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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Southern Clime? - Day 15

  The miles today were exceptionally nice because I did not realize how many were going to be off-road. Even most of the road walks were pleasant, like this winding dirt lane. dirt road

It does begin to feel as if I have moved farther from home. Osage orange does not grow as far north as I live. osage oranges

And there are lots more hickory trees.
shagbark hickory

The nuts have all fallen and are too rotten to eat now. We have hickory where I live, but not as many. hickory nuts

Hundreds of sandhill cranes wheeled over my head all day, rattling and squawking as they began to head south. sandhill cranes

I had seen this part of the traiil before at a conference a few years ago. This is the MSU robotic milking station. We got to watch it in action. The cows come in to be milked when they want to. They are automatically washed, the milking machines attach by means of lasar sensors, and when they are done, they are washed again and go back to the fields. We were told this is actually gentler for the cows than some heavy-handed humans. It was really interesting. MSU milking barn

I did finally get to see the Hutchinson Prairie. This is the first piece of land purchased by the Park Service for the trail, now that they have the authority to do so. For southern Michigan, this is a great vista, although the cloudy sky kept the colors muted. I'll have to come back when the prairie is in bloom. Hutchinson Prairie

It was awesome to see the carsonite post with an NPS sticker below the NCT one, to show ownership of the land. This is something quite new for the NCT, and very exciting.
NCT carsonite post

I was joined for part of my walk by Sandy and Edgar,

and met at the end by Donna and Cruz!
woman and dog

I made really good time today again. Maybe I am getting in shape. My leg is not 100% but it continues to hurt less each day. I'm working on being good and doing the exercises and the ice, etc. The wind was cold enough in the morning that I kept my jacket on, but by mid-afternoon it was 60 degrees!

Miles today: 15. Total so far: 215.5.

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Ann said...

I would like to see how that robotic milking station works. Sounds interesting.

Bruce Matthews said...

We sure appreciate these updates! I know it's about the last thing you want to do at the end of a day. THanks for the extra effort to make it so.

BonEful Boutique Designs said...

Really amazing! I would love to follow your journey. I’m just seeing this for the first time through the friend you met today. My husband and I are living in Richland. He’s actually active duty military and away this year. We have 3 adopted and 2 foster all girls under 11. (And 3 big dogs as well) We are looking to move to Middleville possibly, after he returns.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Our Dada says that picture of the forest road makes him want to get his mountain bike out of the garage and go for a ride! But sadly we haven't got any roads like that around here ..."