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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Down By the Creek

small creek in a valley

Today I was pretty cranky. I was stomping along on my walk, thinking about all the perceived or even real injustices of the day. But many years ago I decided that those are not the kinds of thoughts that help me, or make friends. Really, would all of you great blog friends come here to read me whine every day? I don't think so! So I said to myself, "Self, just stop and look around and see what's here today." Of course, the first thing is the creek itself, in the slanting sun. I wish it had an interesting name, but it doesn't have a name at all.

enchanter's nightshade blooming

First I noticed that the Enchanter's Nightshade, Circaea lutetiana, was blooming. Ratty showed a picture of this plant on his post about Poison Ivy. See the small white blossoms? I'll try to get a close shot of the blooms; they are tiny but interesting.

skunk cabbage leaves

Next I saw that there was some skunk cabbage here. Who could guess that these big leaves are the same strange plant that I showed you in April. In the summer it doesn't look very odd at all!

deer tracks in mud

Finally, so many of you have enjoyed the animal tracks, here are some deer tracks in the mud. They are so common here that we hardly ever notice them.

And there you have the whole reason for My Quality Day! There is always something worth the time to observe and enjoy!

See Winter Stillness for a different view of the creek
See Quiet Backwater for what the Skunk Cabbage looked like in the spring
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Julia said...

No grumps!! Not allowed.

Well ok. Just this once. :)

The stream looks really peaceful and should be a mood breaker if there ever was to be one.

BK said...

Indeed, there is always something worth the time when we stop and observe. And honestly speaking, if there are too much negativities going on in this blog, I will think twice dropping in. Thanks for the reminder to look on the bright side.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to stay grumpy when you are by the creek, or water in my case. Water seems to sooth me and calm me down instantly.

betchai said...

like Icy, water seems to sooth and relax me, and am glad you found it in the creek, you really have a great Quality Day.

Lin said...

And that is why I come here each day--because you don't whine--you find something good in the day. There's always something, even if it is a cool bug. Some days we have to lower our standards, but there is always something, right??

Ratty said...

Ever since you pointed out the enchanter's nightshade, I've been seeing it everywhere. It's as common as the poison ivy. That's two plants now that I can positively identify. It's kind of fun watching for them now.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Julia, BK- Nope, no major grumps on this blog!

Icy, betchai- I agree, the water features always seem to speak to us. It's almost like a universal language

Hi Lin- Have yourself a nice vacation and get rid of the stress. Then come back and play in the Scavenger Hunt!

Hi Ratty- once you begin seeing the similarities and differences in the plants you will get hooked... at least a little bit.

Glynis Peters said...

There is nothing like a good stomp to clear the brain. It was great that you stopped to smell the roses so to speak, though.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Glynnis- I've been stompin' to clean the brain my whole life!

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