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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Northern Oriole - A Lucky Shot


As I was taking my morning walk with Maggie I caught just a glimpse of a bird flying into one of the old apple trees on our property. It was too far to even tell what it really was, except I knew it wasn't one of the regular visitors to my kingdom.

I aimed the camera and had a chance to take one single picture before the bird flew away! I couldn't wait to get inside to see whose picture I had taken and if it was any good.

female northern oriole

What do you think? I'm pretty happy! It is a female Northern or Baltimore Oriole. The experts can't decide which name they want to call it. Anyway it is Icterus galbula. Lots of people easily recognize the males for the shocking orange color with black wings and head. As you can see, the females aren't as brightly colored. Orioles like open woodlands, shady lawns and river corridors.

They are often seen at hummingbird feeders, and if you put out cut orange halves in the spring you are very likely to have some really good views!

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Joe Todd said...

I'm glad you had your camera with you.Turned out to be a great picture. Thanks, Joe Todd

LyghteKeeper said...

As a fourth grader I actually started an Audubon Club and the first "unusual" bird that I spotted by myself was the Baltimore Oriole. Even found their unusual "hanging" nest in a tree down by the river. I've always considered them a "favorite" of mine even though I haven't seen one since. Great shot!

Rebecca said...

I had one of those Oriole feeders in my yard forever and never saw one. Guess I'll have to settle for seeing them here. :-)

My Journey said...

What a lucky shot! We have Baltimore Orioles visit the feeders as well. They are such pretty birds.

Ratty said...

I think it's great! This kind of picture is sometimes the most satisfying. I love getting to my computer and finding out that my lone shot of desperation came out good, and this one was even better than good.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Joe- Thanks so much. I've been trying to carry the camera much more, so I don't miss so many shots.

Hi Kath- I didn't know they were by your river!

Hi GG- Thanks for stopping by! I'm learning that people in lots of places see the orioles.

Ratty- Well, there are lots of shots of desperation that just get deleted, as you know. But once in a while, we get lucky! Hope your computer problems are getting resolved.

Glynis Peters said...

wow what a lucky shot!Pretty bird. The Golden Orieles visit here and they are gorgeous.

Lin said...

Good spotting, Sharky!! We had them once here, but we don't get them too often in the burbs. The ones we had were really orange!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi Glynis- I don't know the Golden Oriole at all!

Lin- the males are the really bright ones.

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