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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Contest - Win an Ad for a Month

Entries received to date:
     Ken Brown
     Julia ? in comments- maybe she was just having fun

Here we are near the end of the month again! This time, no vocabulary... just pictures to look at and answer the questions. The theme is summer recreation... they all have to do with information or safety (some travel safety). Email all answers to me jhy@t-one.net before midnight EDT, Friday July 24. Have fun!

Admittedly this game caters to folks in the United States, but anyone should be able to guess at most of the answers and even look up the others. I confess that I thought up this game because I did not know what #4 was myself and had to go exploring! There are 6 basic questions, but with multiple parts there are a total of 11 responses needed.
1. What does this sign mean?
2. There is a uniform flag system for beach conditions in the United States. What do each of these flags mean if seen flying at a beach? Just in a few words- I’m not looking for the exact language of the code.
3. You are in the car, someone else is driving while you are napping. You wake up and this is what the road ahead looks like. Are you on a two-lane highway, or one side of a divided highway? How can you tell?
4. What does this sign tell you is ahead?
5.You are in the car, driving at night. You jerk awake, realize you are in the grass and your headlights catch this sign dead ahead. On which side of that sign should you drive to hopefully avoid an accident? How do you know? What kinds of structures have these warning signs posted on them?
6. OK, this one doesn’t conform to uniform signage regulations anywhere, but it’s just so much FUN. What does this sign mean? (I took off the words for the game)


Julia said...

1. Roller bladers may fall in front of you at any moment.

2. Green-Swim like the day will never end.
Yellow-Maybe look behind you once in a while for sharks.
Red-If you put your foot in the water you will be flailed.
Blue-If you put your foot in the water you will turn into an ice cube.

3. We Californians have no idea about this kind of thing.

4. DO NOT Drive forward. You may fall into a locke.

5. Caution: Tall grasses will make you itch.

Drive on the right side of this thing since that is where the barrier faces. But otherwise I have no clue.

6. Caution: People dround here all the time. Stay the he** out of the water.

OK that was fun. :)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Julia- I see you are in great form today! Now that we've all had a chuckle at your expense, if you want to email me a serious entry too, go for it!

Ratty said...

This is going to be a rough one. It's going to be hard to keep my championship title this time. I wonder if this is the month somebody else will step up and wipe the floor with my knowledge. That's right, I'm calling everybody out! :D

VanillaSeven said...

I don't know much about other signage, I can only answer no. 6.

6: Beware of the alien that jumping out of water.

Sharkbytes said...

Thanks for your entries! I'm posting the winners right now

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