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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June Contest and Link Winners

There were three entries again this month in the June Contest. Fortunately I don't have to worry about some kind of tie-breaker because only one person got all five answers correct, and that was again Ratty, of The Everyday Adventurer. He's a serious contender folks. I hope there will be some good competition for the Scavenger Hunt.

Here are the answers:

1. Choose the correct use of the word "oche." The correct choice was b. The players at the dart tournament stood at the oche. It is the line you must be behind. The color of the dried grass might have been ocher, you might be served okra for dinner, and the majestic oak trees were popular on the nature hike.

2. Choose the correct use of the word "cozen." The correct choice was c. The shell game master cozened the crowd. It means to trick or cheat. The coven of witches met monthly, the coxswain called the pace for the rowers, and my mother's nephew is my cousin.

3. Choose the correct use of the word "ley." I thought this might end up being a tie-breaker if needed, because there are two correct answers, a. and d. Everyone got d. The farmer wisely left the field ley every few years. It means to let the land lie fallow. But to wager a bet is also to ley. The chicken laid an egg, and the sailor laid the strands into a rope. They are all homonyms (sound alike, spelled differently).

4. Choose the correct use of the word "walm." The correct answer is b. Strong winds made the sea walm. It means to roil or boil. Ratty pointed out that the scent of apple pie might walm through the window- boy... that would be some amazing pie and a real breeze, but he's right... it's possible. Of course I was thinking of scent of apple pie was wafting through the window. The mild weather was warm, and unexpectedly, she bought the purse on a whim.

5. 5. Choose the correct use of the word "guana." The correct choice is d. The Indian wore a garment made of guana. Guana is a type of cloth made of bark. The belfry was full of bat guano (excrement- yuk), the gang's argot was a mixture of Spanish and English, and I just made up the one about the currency of the open market.

Thanks for playing! I'm also updating the links for my most faithful commenters. This month's eight top commenters are listed here and also with small icons in the sidebar. Comments really increased this month. The interaction has been a lot of fun. Only 5 of the 128 total comments by others are probably spamish- people trying to get links. None of the winners is a spammer, of course!
Everyday Adventurer (Ratty- 34 comments)
Our Simple Life (Julia- 14 comments)
Scribbles from Glynis (Glynis- 11 comments)
Joys of the Simple Life (betchai- 9 comments)
Duck and Wheel with String (Lin- 6 comments)
My Quality Time (Joe- 4 comments)
My Open Heart Journal (Kathleen my SIL- 3 comments)


Ratty said...

Thanks for another great contest. I have always done well at things like this, but it always takes a little push for me to come out of the shadows and join in. I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm also waiting for somebody to swoop in and beat me then. I like watching other people win.

betchai said...

a big congratulations to Ratty. i did not get to see this game, but then, i would have to research for some of the answers too :) maybe next time.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi Ratty- glad you had fun. It was fun for me to make it up!

betchai- sorry you missed it. I would love to have more players. The July event will be the scavenger hunt and there should be plenty of time for lots of people to get involved. Thanks for all your comments!

Glynis Peters said...

It was the first time I had joined in one of your contests. It was good fun. Thanks

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