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Saturday, July 25, 2009

July Contest and Link Winners

For those of you coming to check out the scavenger hunt, don't be confused. This article has nothing to do with the scavenger hunt, but I need to post the winners of the July contest.

It's a tie! Of the 11 required responses, both Ratty and Lyghtekeeper got 9 of them right. Since Ratty won last month, I'll give the link to Lyghtekeeper. (She is actually back in the hospital again with dangerously high blood pressure. We are all hoping they can get it under control.)

Here are the actual answers- I allowed a fair amount of leeway in your responses as long as you hit the critical essence of the thing:
1. roller blading or roller skating allowed
2. green= safe to swim, yellow= swim with caution, red= no swimming, purple= dangerous marine life present
3. You are on one side of a divided highway. You can tell because of the yellow line on the left. (The single dashed line in the middle does not tell you anything about the kind of road except that passing is allowed.)
4. Dam ahead. (that's the sign that started this contest. I thought maybe it was a shark swimming so fast that she was pulling the water behind her up with her dorsal fin :-) )
5. You should go to the right because the diagonal lines angle downward toward the road surface. These are placed on guardrail ends (sometimes), and bridge abutments.
no swimming6. As you can see, the sign just says "no swimming," but it is indeed a very dangerous place because it is right beside a dam. I think Vanilla gets the most creative answer award "Beware of the alien that is jumping out of water."

Thanks for playing! I'm also updating the links for my most faithful commenters. This month's eight top commenters are listed here and also with small icons in the sidebar. Comments increased again this month. There were 175 comments (not counting myself in the list)
Everyday Adventurer (Ratty- 23 comments)
Joys of the Simple Life (betchai- 18 comments)
Scribbles from Glynis (Glynis- 15 comments)
My Journey (rainfield- 12 comments)
Our Simple Life (Julia- 8 comments)
Reach Beyond Limits (Icy BC- 11 comments)
Duck and Wheel with String (Lin- 8 comments)
My Open Heart Journal (Kathleen my SIL- 7 comments)

And if I'm allowed a little namedropping, I felt honored to have a comment from Daisy the Cat on V-8's passing. Daisy is a very busy kitty.


•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Congratulation to the winners of the July contest.

I had to scratch my head at some of those signs..fun though

Ratty said...

Only a tie this time for me. I'll have to try even harder next time. Congratulations to Lyghtekeeper for an excellent job.

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