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Friday, July 24, 2009

Ester, the Shark, and the Zoo


Ester, Joan, the dogs

Remember that I said yesterday that I went to lunch with a friend? That friend is Ester, who came to visit for two days. One could question our intelligence for doing a visit like this just a couple of days before I leave for a hike, but hopefully I can still get out the door on time. She helped me pack food, sort my gear, and do some business odds and ends. And we had a great time.

Her dog, Matty, is the same age as Maggie and the dogs have known each other since puppy days. But Maggie is totally a-social with other dogs. I don't say anti-social because she isn't aggressive, she just ignores other canines. So it was a bit of a feat to get the two dogs this close together, get everyone posed, hold the camera in one hand and shoot the picture.

But we like it! Contest rules for the scavenger hunt will be posted tonight, and don't forget to enter the July contest before midnight EDT. And for those of you waiting for the secret of the Clammy Ground-Cherry... it hasn't given it up yet! I hope it will be still showing when I get home, or that I might find some in Minnesota. I didn't mean to set you up for a complete cliffhanger!

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Rick (Ratty) said...

I like the aloof look on Maggie's face here. The picture describes her as well as you do.

betchai said...

maggie looks kind of snobbish in the picture, snobbish but elegant.

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty & Betchai- You both picked right up on how Maggie appears! She just had no interest in that photo taking project, and wouldn't even look at Matty. But we love this picture- only took 4 tries!